Channelling my inner Forrest

Back out tonight again, for the fourth day on the bounce … no rest for the wicked!

Tonight’s run had a specific purpose, which was to further experiment with heart rate training.

I was joined by Iverene who, like me, is keen to try this out and who has similar running goals. In fact, if it wasn’t for Iv I wouldn’t have been out at all so I have to thank her for the suggestion.

In order to give this a proper try we decided five miles would be a reasonable distance. Our plan was to run within zone 3 (aerobic), and when we went over to slow it down so that we dropped back within range.

Starting off at the bottom of the Antrim Road, our route was to take us into town and then out the Cullybackey Road to the Woodtown Road junction, whereupon we promptly did our best Forrest Gump impersonation and turned right around to go back the way we came. Well, sort of … we did go along Upper Princes Street and down past the fire station just to vary it a little bit but, by and large, it was a straight out and back.

So how did it go? Pretty well actually. When we went over we slowed down but we didn’t really have to do that too often and, when we did, it was only for a few seconds at time.

It was a hugely enjoyable run. A lot of it was at conversational pace, and there was plenty of conversation which meant the time just flew in. We got to the halfway point in what seemed like no time at all, and got back to the Antrim Road just as quickly. If only all runs were like this … it definitely helps having someone to run with.

With regards to my heart rate I’m pleased to report I managed to achieve an average of 139bpm, which was bang on the upper limit of zone 3 and exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been getting close to it with progressive runs so it was great tonight to finally hit it.

Now the trick is to maintain it and, over a little time, increase my pace whilst staying within range.

It was a really comfortable run. I felt so fresh at the end of it, and could easily have done it all over again which, after a few difficult runs lately, was really good.

I also wore my old trainers tonight and didn’t experience any of the niggles I have suffered recently although I think I have figured out what’s ‘wrong’ with my new pair … but that can wait for another blog when I get a chance to put my theory to the test.

But, for now, I’m feeling pretty good about my running again. Thanks, once more, to Iverene for the invitation to go out tonight and for her company.

Relive my run

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