Just one of the … girls?!

Sometimes the best runs are the most unexpected or the most unusual … and me going for a run to mark International Women’s Day definitely fulfils both criteria!

A group chat suggestion by Parveen that we commemorate the occasion with a 5k Virtual Run was eagerly agreed to by Judith, and I was persuaded to tag along as an honorary lady for the day! The promise of a bit of bling and a donation to Women’s Aid only sweetened the deal.

At least I didn’t have to dress up or anything like that, other than wear my pink glasses for a picture at the end. Phew!

So, with that in mind, I made my way from Ballymena to the location of Antrim parkrun to wait for Parv and Judith coming from work from the other direction in Belfast.

The forecast threatened rain but, thankfully, it didn’t materialise. Indeed, it was gloriously sunny day, albeit quite cold but this made it perfect conditions for a run.

We had decided just to follow the parkrun course, which I was more than happy with. I hadn’t been out for a couple of days so a gentle run was just the ticket ahead of a longer outing at the weekend.

My legs felt ok beforehand, but I was a bit concerned of a delayed reaction to my exertions in London so I started off quite gently just to ease myself in. Everything was going well but I still made sure I stayed comfortable.

However, moving into the last mile, I thought I would open up a little or at least in sections just to test my legs with a bit more pace … and I’m pleased to report they responded very well, I covered that final mile a full two minutes quicker than the couple before it. It felt easy and it felt good, just what I was hoping for.

I continue to be running well, I continue to grow in confidence in my own ability and, hopefully, I’ll continue to push on and make real progress.

Relive my run

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