Fun, fun, fun …

Tonight was a bit of a departure for me, a social run with other members of the club in a non-club setting.

The usual Monday night session was cancelled because of the weather caused by the tail end of Hurricane Ophelia so a few of us decided to postpone it 24 hours and go out tonight instead to make up for missing our usual weekly fix.

In the end myself, Judith, Iverene and Parveen turned up at the Park ‘n’ Ride (handy for me, my usual starting point). We had previously decided to enter a relay team into the Belfast Marathon in May (along with one other) so this was a good initial team bonding run.

Because it was on my patch I took it upon myself to set the route, so I took the group along the dual carriageway, through the industrial estate, down the link road past Tesco’s then into Harryville onto the Wakehurst Road and back upto the carpark … a challenging enough route that had a good mixture of descent and climbs. I did feel guilty taking everyone straight back up the Antrim Road rather than a less direct route but they stressed that it was good to have that test at the end which was a relief!

In all we did 4 miles which was a decent enough jaunt around the town, and at a very relaxed pace of around 12 minutes per mile.

I really enjoyed it. In fact, I haven’t enjoyed a non-race run as much for absolutely ages. Training runs are quite often soul destroying affairs because I’m on my own but this was fantastic … and even though I was running in a small group I felt absolutely no pressure whatsoever because the company was so good.

In addition to the Belfast relay, we have plans to do the Race Over The Glens on New Years’ Day, the Larne Half in March and then the big one, the Dublin Marathon, in October. From having trained on my own for so long it feels so good to have fallen into a little group of friends, to get the on the spot support from them and to hopefully give some back.

Bring on our future adventures!

Relive my run


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