That seems to be the buzz word from tonight’s club session.

Pants because I was trialling my new purchase from Runderwear (TMI?) thanks to a healthy discount from Running Heroes … and pants because it was a rubbish run, one I aborted after 15 minutes.

I hadn’t run for a week. My head hasn’t been in the right place, and arguably still isn’t. I debated myself all the way up to the Leisure Centre whether or not to actually go through with it, or to just come back home again.

It was always going to be just the 30 minutes this evening, I needed to be back fairly sharpish for work purposes but, right from the off, I wasn’t feeling it. As I said, I hadn’t run for seven days but, thankfully, my legs weren’t the issue. I just wasn’t in the right place mentally to run.

Having said that, I would have stayed for the full half-an-hour if the route had been different … but once we were told we’d be going in a direction that took me almost to within sight of my front door I knew I was beaten. I tried to fight it but the heart just wasn’t there.

The group turned right to go up Queen Street, I turned left to go home – and regretted the decision within seconds … but, reflecting on it now, I maintain it was the right decision for me at the time.

This all sounds like a disaster but, strangely, it wasn’t. I’m glad I went tonight. It helped sweep away my recent lethargy and has made me determined to make up for it as soon as I can. Maybe it’s just what I needed.

We were also running in the middle of a torrential downpour, yet that didn’t bother me. Running in the rain is something I honestly don’t mind. I don’t like going out in it but once I’m out it’s not an issue.

But, forget about all that, I know what you’re really interested in is how I got on with my new purchase! I’ll admit to having some reservations due to the, ahem, snug nature of the fitting but I’ve got no complaints, they’re quite comfortable in fact. Granted I haven’t tested them on a long run but so far, so good.

However, running wise, let’s just chalk tonight off as one of those things. Onwards and upwards.

Relive my run

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