Ballymena Runners 3.1

fullsizerender-7So tonight was Week 3, Day 1 of the Ballymena Runners Cosy Sofa to 5k programme.

I was a little apprehensive this evening (what’s new?) given that my left calf still niggled me after Sunday and that I’d been getting an occassional pain on the sole of my right foot. I slapped some Deep Heat onto my legs before I went out in the hope it’d make things easier.

Tonight’s schedule called for three five minute runs with the usual walking breaks thrown in and I made the very conscious effort to go as slow as I possibly could, just to loosen my calf and not to risk anything.

Again we were split into three groups with mine heading off towards the town centre along Queen Street which takes the dexterity of a mountain goat to walk on never mind run. To that end I was quite glad that it was quite narrow and, being bunched in, I had no option but to take it easy.

However, the group soon spread out and I found myself somewhere around the middle, nice and anonymous.

Previously the last two weeks had seen two minute walking breaks between the runs so there was much surprise tonight when, only 54 seconds after the first five minute run, we were off again!

Maybe the group leader misjudged, maybe it was deliberate but it felt good  – at the end of the second block – to have run for 11 minutes with less than a minute walking break.

The gap between the second and third running sections ground to a total halt as we waited to cross the road and to also let another group pass us – which, of course, messed with the time a little. It would have been interesting to see the pace for the run overall.

As usual, my legs burned up for the first while but I found the last run quite manageable, which was encouraging. There were also a lot of loose stones underfoot so I was careful to pick my way. I avoid this route for that very reason when I’m out on my own so I was aware of it when others might not have been, but it would be very easy to go over on your ankle if you weren’t cautious.

Anyway, whilst it was a step up from the first two weeks, I felt I coped ok – I’ll give it another go hopefully on Thursday this week.

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