Running like a ….. zombie!

Given how exhausted I felt after a largely sleepless weekend in London it was a little surprising I even made it to tonight’s club session. I was so tired and so sleepy, I pondered on the zombie-like stagger up to the Leisure Centre whether or not ‘sleep running’ was a thing!

I actually felt a little shaky – not massively so, but still a little spaced out – so it was a case of taking it easy and going with the 30 minute group. I should really have gone with the 45s but I needed to be careful.

Getting to the Leisure Centre, I slumped down on one of the chairs in the cafe and could gladly have fallen asleep there and then! But, no, I had a run to do so I lumbered outside with the group and set off.

I was really pleased that despite my almost comatose state and the lethargy in my legs (almost 50,000 steps yesterday) I coped quite comfortably with the run. I’ll not tempt fate but it was nice to feel happy with how I performed again, especially after the vigours yesterday’s race.

We took the usual route into the town centre before going along Parkway into the People’s Park from the Thomas Street entrance. The last time I was here with the club I bottled out of the climb up the loop around the statues, but not tonight. In fact, expecting a couple of loops I held something back in anticipation of a return but we only did one … what it difference it makes to be a little disappointed at missing out on a run up a hill!

Exiting the park, we then went up Parkway which made up for not doing the second park rise … Parkway is a steady incline and whilst not insurmountable by any means also presents a decent enough challenge. It was good to take it on and beat it.

So that’s two weeks with a race inbetween, and I’m beginning to feel better for it. I’ll admit at a slower pace but since running is a large part mental it’s important to get that side of things right. Hopefully this continues.

Relive my run

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