Easy does it

Another Monday night, another outing with the 45s … I was tempted to go with the 60s but decided against it at the last moment, maybe on the next step up week.

After last week’s horrors tonight was a relatively straightforward run, starting off as usual at the Leisure Centre before heading down the Galgorm Road, up the climb that is the Old Galgorm Road and then looping back into the town centre on our return to base.

It was a route I had plenty of experience with, so I knew the profile well and made a conscious effort to save myself for steeper sections with the intention of tackling them head on.

That’s what I did with the Old Galgorm Road. It’s a steady climb of around 80-90ft, not massive but still a decent enough challenge.

The route back into town afterwards could best be described as undulating. It’s a straight road so there was the chance to stretch your legs a little. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t but I wasn’t really in the mood for it tonight. Not that there was anything wrong, I just fancied an easier night.

When we got back to the Leisure Centre to do our warm down stretches I decided, as per the last few weeks, to run back home to top my distance up to five miles for the evening. Again, I wasn’t really interested in knocking my pan in, it was more a case of gently rounding the evening off although, pleasingly, I was about 30 seconds faster than last week without really trying.

So, no dramas, no moaning, no beating myself up – an altogether uneventful evening – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! I’ve got a big weekend ahead, so time to conserve a bit of energy.


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