Heavens above!

FullSizeRender 89
Big nasty clouds above! Honest!

It’s never a good sign when, during your warm-up walk, it starts raining. Do you call it quits and go back home, or do you figure that since you’re already out and you’ll get wet anyway you might as well just go on?

That was my dilemma this afternoon … and since you’re reading a blog about a run you’ll already know I decided to carry on. I’m made of strong stuff (stop sniggering at the back!), I’ll not melt because of a bit of rain.

It did mean, though, that my tentatively hoped for 10k was abandoned. I had plotted a route back out to the Doctor’s Road (my nemesis from Monday night) but because of the threat of the heavens opening given the dark clouds I decided to just to revert to my usual 5k route. Well, it’s better than no run, isn’t it?

So what of the run itself? Not too bad, I suppose, albeit a bit slower than my last 5k but FullSizeRender 90still well within an acceptable timeframe. I am getting marginally faster over the first mile without blowing up completely afterwards which is encouraging.

I’m not deliberately pushing myself but I am finding that I’m starting better these days … so I’m toying with the idea of really pushing it during next Sunday’s Westminster Mile. Maybe, with the atmosphere and with it being a race I’ll try to break the 10-minute barrier or at least a new PB.

The weather did improve again towards the end today so I could well have continued on for 10k but, by that stage, I’d resigned myself to just the five and I knew I didn’t really have the will to push on. All being well I’ll do it tomorrow.

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