Back off the couch

fullsizerender-15London Marathon Training
Week 5, Day 2

Well, that was enjoyable. I decided to go to the club C25K session tonight to offer my help if needed. It was week four which meant 3, 8, 3 and 8 with two minutes walk between each stage.

I remember doing this before and really worrying about the step up to eight minutes – and so did everyone else –  so it was wonderfully reassuring to not give it a second thought this evening.

That said, I appreciate how daunting it is to those who haven’t done it before so it was good to chat to a couple of people beforehand, hopefully putting them at ease if even just a little bit.

Out on the run itself, it felt really good to go at a very gentle pace. This was my fourth consecutive day running (or my fifth in six days) so I got the sense it was really beneficial for me to use this as something of a recovery session, rather than just doing sod all.

Now, the question is, do I do both my other scheduled runs this week – 2o minutes and 30 minutes – or just do one and make tonight count for the other, or does tonight replace one of those I missed in week two?

I’m guessing it’ll be a case of seeing how I feel tomorrow.

London Marathon Training (64 miles – 16 runs)
Week 1 – 12.2 miles (4 runs; average 3.05 miles per run)
Week 2 – 9.3 miles (2 runs; average 4.65 miles per run)
Week 3 – 17.7 miles (4 runs; average 4.4 miles per run)
Week 4 – 18.8 miles (4 runs; average 4.7 miles per run)
Week 5 – 5.5 miles (2 runs; average 2.75 miles per run)

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