There once was a boy who swallowed a fly

IMG_3678The problem with this four in-four out breathing technique is that it leaves a chap open to inhaling the local wildlife! But, apart from coughing and hurling mid-run, I’m sure I survived the experience better than my poor winged friend.

Anyway, I went off out this morning for an early run, taking in my usual route along the dual carriageway into the industrial estate and back again.

I did 5km again. I want to focus on getting my time down to something that’ll not embarrass me at parkrun so, to that end, coming in eight seconds quicker than last time isn’t to be sniffed at I suppose.

I’ve done the distance 6 times in the last three weeks and, apart from one blip, my time has steadily improved run on run and I’m now 2:20 faster than I was first time out, even managed to throw in a sprint finish at the end!

FullSizeRenderI’m still considerably slower than my best but hopefully that’ll come in time.

The run itself felt ok generally. I read somewhere last night that the first 1-3 miles of any run are always the worst. I should try to remember that because it’s definitely the case for me. Perhaps that’s another reason why I’m concentrating on that at the minute, to get over the worst so that when the longer runs kick in they’ll not seem as bad.

I know from experience that there’s a little sweet spot between 6-9km when I start to feel quite comfortable so once I get my 5k time down to something I’m happy with that’ll be my next target.

Obviously I’ve proved that I go on for much longer and obviously I can keep going for hours, but that’s something I really should only do sparingly – although it’s comforting to know I have it within me.

In other news, I paid my entry fee for next year’s London Marathon when I came home – so that’s definitely going to happen now. Woo-hoo!

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