On the road again …

IMG_3667Tonight was my first run in seven days. I haven’t been feeling great – mentally or physically – so hadn’t run since last Sunday but didn’t want to miss a complete week, so I dragged myself out without any real idea of time or distance.

In the end I went with Week 3, Day 1 of C25K (picking up from where I’d left off in other words) and then ran the rest of the way home whenever the podcast ended, a total of 1.96 miles.

It wasn’t the greatest run in the world but it wasn’t the worst either. I didn’t wear my Asics tonight, opting for my Mizuno’s instead, and I tried out a new arm band/sleeve thingy for my phone I’d bought at Pure Running during the week, so it was my first run listening to music in quite a while.

Things felt fine for the first couple of minutes then my calves started to burn up as usual but as the run progressed they started to feel better and I probably could have run comfortably for a lot longer than I did.

However, given the time of night and the difficulty I have sleeping after a longer run I decided just to limit it. Oh, and it was bloody windy too which may have helped sway my decision (pun intended!).

All in all it was a fairly satisfactory ‘return’ run and it was good to get it back into my legs again – I’ll likely return to at least 5k per run from my next outing onwards.


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