251 days to go

IMG_3711That’s how long until London apparently. I got my official confirmation email from Asthma UK today so the countdown is on!

Anyway, I still haven’t been feeling the motivation to go out running lately but today I decided that I’ve faffed around enough and had to get some more miles in my legs.

In order to pysch myself up I listened (twice, actually) to the first edition of a new podcast I discovered – Running Stories – which, on first impressions, seems aimed at ordinary runners and, as it says on the tin, tells runners stories. They’ve got a website as well which will be good to explore.

I also persuaded Isobel to go out with me. I didn’t have the self belief that I would do any sort of distance on my own but I knew that I couldn’t let myself down if she kept me company.

IMG_3710Because it wouldn’t have been fair on her to do longer splits I decided to wind it back to 90secs/60secs run-walk splits. I thought that would have a major impact on my 5k time but it didn’t really, maybe only 30 seconds slower and that was only because the last split was mostly walking – if I had been on my own I’d have run the last part and beaten my time again.

So I was happy enough with the pace. Isobel was slightly ahead of me for most of it but that’s because she went off too fast whereas my experience told me just to keep plodding and I’d finish stronger, which I did.

As usual my legs went through the burning stage and then a spell of feet clomping before they finally accepted that they had to run. They’ll learn not to protest so much some of these days!

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