Lies, damned lies and statistics

IMG_3596Ignore what it says in the picture. It tells lies. There’s no way that was only 52° this morning, it was a lot sunnier and a lot hotter than that.

Also, it says I ran 3.15 miles – maybe I did – I stopped my watch after 3.11 (5k) but I must have accidentally hit restart again almost immediately before saving the run.

Why is this important? Simply because I beat my last 5k time by two seconds. I know, a whole two seconds, but it’s all about marginal gains, right? I’m actually more annoyed because while it’s a new record for the watch it won’t recognise it as such because it recorded a slightly longer distance – but if you add up the splits you’ll see. Nerd alert.

Anyway, what about the run itself? My legs weren’t quite with it although I pleasingly recorded the first km in 7min 31secs which I think is my best since I started this blog, still some way off my PB but sure that’ll come in time.

IMG_3597I had originally planned to do four miles today but very soon into the run I knew my legs didn’t have it in them. The left leg/calf, in particular, felt niggly so I didn’t really want to risk it unneccessarily – writing this an hour later it feels fine so it was maybe just a thing at the time.

Maybe it was because I’d last run on Friday night and now this was Sunday morning so they didn’t get the proper rest in between. Who knows?

I had also hoped to do four miles to bring me up to 23 miles for July (ie: 10% increase on June) but when you consider all July’s miles have been done in the past two weeks then I’ve done enough – and having done 22 it’s still an increase. It’s all good.

Weight wise I lost another 3.4lbs, slightly annoyed because that means I’ve lost 6.8lbs over the two weeks of this blog and the perfectionist in me wanted to hit the half-a-stone mark. Never happy 🙂

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