Mad Dogs and … Irishmen


Bloody hell, that was tough!

I’m tentatively training for the Great South Run in October so, on a whim, I entered all the relevant details into the My Asics app to see what sort of training plan it’d produce for me.

The first run was today – 3 miles – but because thunderstorms are forecast for this evening I decided to go out this afternoon, sure it’s only the hottest day of the year so what could go wrong?

It was easily the hottest temperature I’ve ever attempted to run in (77°) so I wasn’t expecting it to be easy – and it wasn’t.

As with my last run on Sunday I decided to combine it with C25K but instead of stopping after eight reps (or whatever the program suggests) I carried on in the same fashion until I reached my intended distance.FullSizeRender

The Asics app recommended a speed of 16:35 min/mile but I managed it in an average of 14:07 – still not fantastic, admittedly, but it’ll do in that heat, especially since I intentionally went as slow as I could.

How did I feel afterwards? Physically sick (although I wasn’t) but after a quick drink and a couple of small oranges I feel grand.

Checked my sugar levels as soon as I came in – 7.4 – so ever so slightly high but still ok. Checked again about an hour later (after the oranges) and it’s 10.1 ….. let’s give it another hour to see what it settles at.

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