Winter is coming

IMG_3813The schools are back. Summer is officially over. Woo-hoo!

So what better time to restart and reboot my running mojo? Only managing six runs in August was utterly pathetic, is it any wonder I wasn’t getting any faster or showing much progress?

Psychologically, perhaps, I’d switched off. August is my busiest month workwise. I was tired but not sleeping well. It was (generally) warm, April 2017 seemed such a long way away – and other such feeble excuses. I hated myself too. Hated myself for not going out more, especially on days I’d planned.

So a new month and all that, and the switch from summer, might just be the kick up the arse I need.

To that end, I went out late this morning. Before I did I went through a 10-minute warm-up (I was at home alone – apart from the cat, who wisely hid once she saw my attempt at a lunge) ….. the run itself started very well indeed. An even faster than before first kilometre followed by a reasonable second one – it was all good.

Then I got a phone call that I had to take (knew I should have left it at home) and then a sudden heavy downpour broke my stride and concentration so I decided just to run home. I was only out in a flimsy t-shirt and shorts, no point in catching a chill. If I’d been wearing my running jacket, hat and gloves etc. I’d have ploughed on.

All in all, though, I was happy enough with my efforts. Frustratingly, it looked as if I was on target to dip below 40 minutes for 5km for the first time in ages ….. ah well, I can use that for motivation next time.

So why did it go right today? Doing a proper warm-up? No fluid in my legs (I’ve been wearing my tights for the past few days)? A better mindset? Probably all three.

Let’s do this again tomorrow. Maybe.


Pish Utter

IMG_3773That’s the only way to describe tonight’s run unfortunately.

I started off like I had a rocket up my arse and dipped well under 12 minutes for the first mile but after that it all fell apart.

My legs just couldn’t get going. There are probably several extenuating circumstances, not least they looked and felt fat with the build up of fluid. I haven’t been wearing my compression tights for the past few days because I’ve been in shorts due to the heat.

If there are any positives to be taken from tonight, I suppose it could be the negative splits in my last two kilometres, they were still far too slow for my liking but at least they were faster than the two that preceeded them.

I think I also need to work on the psychology of running. I *know* it’s going to hurt at the start and I *know* that I’ll be able to push through that, it’s just remembering it when I’m out that I fail at.

I also need to get a bike sorted out. That’ll help me on my non running days and stop my legs from freaking out when I’m running.

And nutrition. I need to work on that. A new month starts on Thursday, in my mind that’s a good time to put a proper plan in place, I’ve got a few days to prepare it and, literally, hit the ground running.

If I use tonight’s run to spur me on to do those things – bike, psychology and nutrition – then it’ll not have been a total disaster. If I don’t I’ll be back here again and again moaning and complaining.

The Foggy Dew

IMG_3745With apologies to Canon O’Neill (or whoever wrote it):-

Twas down the road one August morn
In a city fair ran I
When quiet lines of working men
In white vans passed me by
No one did speak, no one did laugh
Glad it’s not me but you
Just the gentle hum of engine noise
Rang out in the foggy dew

I woke up this morning, saw it was foggy – really foggy – and thought that’d be fun to go out for a run in, so out for a run I went, think it was around 6am or thereabouts.

IMG_3750As I said it was foggy. And damp. Very damp. So immediately the old Irish rebel ditty ‘The Foggy Dew’ came into my head. Not that I’m big into my Irish rebel songs, y’understand, but I like the tune so my run was spent devising alternative lyrics to the opening verse.

Run wise, I thought I’d tackle the industrial estate by the alternative route so off I went.

It was *really* foggy and damp, so much so I couldn’t see out of my glasses which did make it kind of awkward but interesting.

It still wasn’t fast, but using C25K Week 4, Day 2 as my guide I actually managed to complete the 5k this morning instead of giving up a kilometre early like I did on Sunday so I suppose from that point of view it showed progress and that’s all I can really ask for.

I *do* know that the more often I run the stronger and faster I’ll get.

My legs did feel pretty rubbish around the 3km mark so I need push through that. I more or less convinced myself last night to get a hybrid bike and a turbo trainer so that I can keep things ticking over on my non-run days, I’m hoping that’ll help the burn I always feel in my legs.