Fit for five

As has been happening a lot lately I’ve split my run into two parts – the run to a class, and the return leg back home.

Tonight’s ‘class’ was dance practice ahead, the venue was Tullyglass House Hotel which is approximately 2.5 miles from my house so the theory was to run there, and then go the opposite direction on the way home to complete a five-mile loop.

I hadn’t danced in Tullyglass since my wedding day over 25 years ago so it was a bit weird to be back on the floor tonight … but the less said about my dancing the better!

The run there started off going in the direction of the town centre before turning away at the bus station onto the long drag that is the Galgorm Road. Normally this run bores me and breaks me but tonight it wasn’t too bad … indeed, I got faster the more I ran which was very pleasing.

Returning home I was immediately treated to a downhill section but this was soon cancelled out by another long drag, this time the Tullygarley Road which rises deceptively before turning onto the Toome Road and a bit of a descent.

However, approaching the Toome Road from this direction means facing the very steep kick halfway along. I’ve always struggled with this but I conquered it last Wednesday and I beat it tonight as well. That’s real progress in my book.

In fact, the whole run was a success. I took it easy throughout, never really feeling anything resembling a struggle at any point which is especially good considering I’ve done this route quite a few times and found it quite difficult in places.

It feels great to be a lot fitter nowadays – long may it continue! Ten miles planned tomorrow, let’s see how that goes.

Relive my run

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