Calculating route

You’d think I’d know by now not to listen to the little voices in my head that tell me this, that and the other.

How many times over the years have I managed to convince myself I couldn’t do a run only to go out and do it? But do I remember that the next time I have doubts? Do I hell!

And such was the case with tonight’s run, Loch Ness training run three and C25K week eight run one – 24 minutes non-stop.

I’ve put myself through C25K so many times, and I know bloody rightly I can do it but, once again, those demons of self doubt took over. But after putting it off yesterday and most of today I knew I had to do it so, after giving myself a good talking to, I dragged my sorry ass out the door.

Because I was bored of the usual route I decided to wing it. I set off with no real idea of where I wanted to go and, in a way, that helped because like a satnav coping with a lost driver, I was constantly working out my route and those calculations offered me ample distraction from whatever protest my legs and body had.

Indeed, I hardly noticed any discomfort. Granted, I still kept it at a slow pace because I wasn’t entirely sure I had the stamina to run for 24 minutes without a break.

As it turned out I had, and relatively comfortably too. As before, I then took the distance up to 5k as per my marathon training plan and, also as before, I eased off to get me home. The objective was those 24 minutes and, having achieved it, I had no real desire to keep going. It’s something I need to work on but … baby steps and all that.

Relive my run

Playlist: Outnumbered (Dermot Kennedy), Comeback Girl (Republic of Loose), Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (Something Happens!), Theme From Harry’s Game (Clannad), Run (Snow Patrol), Dearg Doom (Horslips), North and South of the River (Christy Moore), Alternative Ulster (Stiff Little Fingers), Dancing In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy), Linger (The Cranberries), More Is Less (The Murder Capital), We Fall Together (St. Francis Hotel), A Rainy Night In Soho (The Pogues), Boys In The Better Land (Fontaines D.C.)

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