It’s been a while since I went out for a run at 6am, unless you count Global Running Day last month in New York.

Very often I go to bed with the best of intentions, promising myself I’d absolutely definitely go out in the morning … and then I wake up, find an excuse and not bother.

Not today. I didn’t go out last night as planned due to a work thing but, this morning, I was determined to keep my pledge to go out.

I had to leave the bin out anyway so, I figured, why not throw my shorts on and stay out? That would get my run out of the way, and allow me to enjoy the rest of my day without worrying about fitting a run in later.

As with my last run I decided just to do 5k using C25K splits, and I kept it at 90 seconds running/90 seconds walking as part of my reintroduction to running. I didn’t want to extend myself too much too soon – I’ve still got over a month until my next race so there’s no rush. The important bit now is just to get back at it again.

So after sorting the bin out off I went. Almost straightaway it felt a lot better than Tuesday night. I was quicker, it was easier and I was almost disappointed when I had to walk … but the sensible head was on and I knew I had to take it easy.

I didn’t run the exact route I followed on Tuesday. I went through the estate this morning before coming out at Tuesday’s starting point.

That meant tackling a fairly steep climb, a hill I usually try to avoid or to use as a descent. But I thought I’d give it a go. I managed it, but instantly regretted it when I got to the top!!!! I knew it was good for me, so on that basis I’m glad I did it.

After that it was back onto my usual route along the dual carriageway, through the industrial estate before turning for home.

The running continued to feel good … so much so that I decided to abandon the splits for the last kilometre and just keep running. On the face of it that’s not a particularly big deal, but the mental victory in ignoring the instruction to walk felt important.

Whilst my overall time still wasn’t important – I knew it’d be poor compared to what I’d normally expect – I was pleased that I came in at 40 seconds faster per mile than Tuesday night usually the same splits and over a tougher route. That’s progress.

That’s 10k done in less than 48 hours – almost as much as I did during the entire month of June. The improvement between the two runs has been good and I’ve been encouraged to maybe push it a wee bit next time out.


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