Ecos parkrun 01.09.18

A curious parkrun today.

It was on my plan as an ‘easy’ run and my time, in the end, reflected that. My second slowest parkrun in 2018, and 15th out of the 22 I’ve done so far … so not great.

Yet, by the halfway point, I was on target for a personal best. But, for some reason, after that I just lost interest in it. I’m not really sure, and it was definitely an unusual sensation, but I just couldn’t be bothered.

There was a big turnout this morning, and plenty of runners around me at all points on the route which isn’t always the case. Despite that, and despite knowing what I had potentially in my grasp, I just couldn’t find the oomph to push on.

Normally I would shadow the runner in front for a little while and then move on to the next one if I could. That didn’t happen this time. Not because it couldn’t, but because I wouldn’t.

Thinking logically about it, I have another half marathon tomorrow and, given this was designated as an ‘easy’ run, I perhaps had that rattling around in my mind and having run the first half as a tempo run my mind and body decided that was enough for one day.

But it was a good experience too. On previous occasions when I’ve been running well and then slowed down I would have beating myself up over wasting too much energy early on and burning up. Today, however, I was reasonably relaxed about it. I didn’t stress, or throw a tantrum. I just ran to the finish, got my barcode scanned and went home.

No drama, just another run. There are bigger fish to fry this weekend, and this month.

Relive my run

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