Back clubbing it

Yesterday I was supposed to do 10k. I didn’t.

After a bit of a family road trip during the day I had pencilled my run in for the evening but, after arriving home, I felt queasy and quite simply not up to running. These things happen, I’m not going to worry about it and you do have to listen to your body when the occasion arises.

However, that meant it was imperative I made it along to club this evening for the regular Monday night session.

Obviously if I’d been still feeling ill then I wouldn’t have done so but because my motivation has been lacking lately I knew that running with people would help me, as compared to attempting it on my own when I knew there was a high likelihood I wouldn’t stick it.

My plan called for a progressive run ie: starting easy and getting faster with each mile. I’ve done this successfully on my runs back from Cullybackey when I was helping out with the C25K but this would be different because I was very much at the mercy of the speed of the group, as is the club ethos.

As ever, I ran up to the leisure centre to meet up with everyone else, taking it gently.

Because I wasn’t feeling 100% it was always going to be the 30s tonight. I figured the run there and then a run home would be enough.

In the end, it wasn’t as bad as I feared it might. The route took us through the local parkrun route, or parts of it anyway, and other surrounding areas which were new to me so it was quite pleasant from that perspective.

I’m happy to report that I coped quite comfortably with the pace. I hoped I would seeing as it was the 30s, but I had an awful lot in reserve which was nice. I’ve got a slight niggle in my left knee so it was good to be able to take it easy rather than go with another group and feel compelled to go faster and perhaps hurt it further.

I didn’t quite manage to go faster with each mile, the format of the club session makes that difficult, but for the miles I was in control of – the mile there and the mile home – I did go faster so that was my objective for the evening achieved.

Tomorrow … interval training. Eeek!

Relive my run

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