Underground, overground …

I must have been a bad boy in a previous life, or maybe I’m just bad in this one. Either way, there clearly is no rest for the wicked seeing as I was out on a recovery run the day after competing in three races in as many days.

But despite waking feeling sore all over I didn’t really mind it. I was still in London, staying in South Wimbledon, so this scheduled 5k Easy run gave me a chance to explore the area a little more … and maybe, just maybe, I might bump into a Womble or two.

(Spoiler: I didn’t!)

The morning was considerably cooler than it had been as I set off from my hotel at just before 8am. There was a park nearby so I thought I’d go there for a quick run around but, upon entering, I noticed a big beast of a dog across the green appearing to size me up. I decided not to find out if he already had his breakfast so I promptly turned on my heels, exited the park and elected instead just to stick to the footpaths.

My hotel was between two tube stations. I exclusively used Colliers Wood so I decided to run to the other (South Wimbledon) to see what it was like there, how far it was etc. It gave me a ‘route’ rather than just an aimless run into the unknown.

This was designed to be a recovery run, and I tried to make it so.

However, a strange thing seemed to be happen … I was quicker than I had anticipated without really trying or really feeling it. I should have been exhausted, I felt sore when I left but yet here I was running along quite comfortably.

And I was getting quicker. I recorded negative splits for the entire run which most definitely wasn’t my intention … plus they were quite fast times for me. This was just weird.

Maybe it was because I hadn’t a clue where I was going. Maybe my theory was that the faster I ran through a strange area then I might get to a familiar one. I did indeed get lost but due to sheer good luck managed to find my way back to my hotel after two miles.

Should I go on? Should I call it quits? I was supposed to do three, but would my inner OCD demon let me stop at two? No, was the answer.

On I went, only this time sticking to the area I had come to know over the past few days … just as the heavens opened. Normally I would have headed straight back for shelter, but not today. It was such a refreshing relief to be running in the rain after enduring three races in at times almost unbearable heat in quick succession.

It was almost like a treat and, in a strange way, seemed to be the perfect end to a hugely enjoyable and memorable weekend.

Relive my run

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