Just one more parkrun …

Not an awful lot to report tonight but, unfortunately, not my greatest run either.

It was club night, so that meant a run to the Leisure Centre whereupon I would decide what group to go with.

My run up wasn’t good at all. It’s only about a mile away but for the entirety of the run things just didn’t feel right. I was clomping, and my left foot strike felt angled, as if I was running on a slope. Not the most comfortable running style.

With that in mind I decided to play it safe and go with the 30-minute group. I had wanted to go with at least the 45s but I had my sensible head on and didn’t want to risk running for longer because it clearly could have increased the chances of picking up an injury given that my foot strike wasn’t true.

So the 30s it was even though, ironically, we ended up doing around 45 minutes anyway! I wish I could record that my issues cleared up but, sadly, they didn’t. Indeed, at one point down the Broughshane Road, I pulled up because I was landing so badly, almost limping.

I plodded on, taking care not to exert myself too much. But, embracing the spirit of the old adage about lemons and lemonade, I thought this would be a good opportunity to experiment again running within Heart Rate Zone 3.

I think, by and large, I managed it this time … it’s hard to tell from the stats because I only decided to try it halfway through the run but, when I did give it a go, the alerts on my watch telling me I was outside the 123-139bpm range seemed to be a lot less than they have been.

I’m not any less fit than I have been, and my running isn’t really suffering so all I can attribute my current discomfort to is my new trainers.

I’m pretty sure this happened the last time I got a new pair, and I know I used to rotate my shoes from run to run and depending on my mood at the time so perhaps I’ll do that again for a little while to see if I can spot a pattern. I haven’t really run much in them so perhaps patience is the key.

I had intended to run back home tonight. I needed to do 12.3km in order to set a new monthly distance record but, in the end, only managed 7.2 thus falling 5 short … I could have squeezed that extra ‘parkrun’ in by taking the scenic route home but I thought it best to be cautious on this occasion. There’ll be plenty of other opportunities so I’m not too worried about it. My April mileage was up over 10% on March so that’s good enough for now.

Relive my run

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