Recovery, recovery, recovery …

Very much a recovery run tonight like, I’d imagine, much of the club!

Due to time constraints I only went with the 30s although, in order to get some extra distance in, I ran up and ran home again so ended up doing four miles in total which I was happy enough with.

As with last week, the 30s was quite a large group so it was decided to split them in two again. One group set off for Ecos whilst the other stayed in the town centre … I elected to go with the latter because I knew I couldn’t complete the full run with them tonight, and I could break off when it was convenient and run the rest of the way home.

The majority of the group was comprised of recent graduates from the club Cosy Sofa programme but that didn’t necessarily mean it was an ‘easy’ run. Indeed, the route took us along Princes Street which, as ever, we were given the freedom to tackle how we pleased and which, as I’m wont to do, I ran up as hard as I could … although after Larne on Saturday it suddenly didn’t seem as daunting as before!

All told, a pleasant little outing and good to use to loosen up the legs.

The rest of the week will see a slow run tomorrow with Iverene (depending on work), and then at least one run in Eastbourne when I’m over visiting my daughter. Nothing too strenuous or taxing though.

Oh … and I entered the Dublin Marathon today. Eek!

Relive my run

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