Every mile counts

Just a short run tonight, or perhaps two even shorter ones to be exact.

Over the past few weeks, as part of the Saints ‘n’ Slimmers programme, I’ve been practising for a dance at the finale next Friday night … and now that it’s beginning to loom large on the horizon extra practice has been called for.

Unfortunately, tonight, it clashed with my regular Monday night run with the club so there was only one thing for it – run to the dance practice and run back home again. It’s hard to keep a good man down after all!

So that’s what I did. I ran 2.3km to practice, strutted my stuff for a couple of hours, and ran back home again. Quite simple really.

The run itself – or both of them – was quite comfortable but at an increased pace which was more or less on a par with my parkrun on Saturday, if it hadn’t been for the stops to cross the road and other sensible stuff like that.

Still, almost 5k on a bitterly cold night when I might otherwise have done nothing isn’t to be sniffed at. Every mile counts.

Relive my run

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