A little me time

I decided to fly solo tonight and do my Wednesday intervals on my own.

This was a ‘sit and stare at the walls’ type of day so I needed an endorphin boost – and quick. I could have gone to the club session but, not feeling particularly sociable, elected just to do it on my own.

I couldn’t figure out how to programme my Garmin to do exactly what the club schedule suggested so I went as near to it as I could, so that was 9×2 with 90 seconds recovery, the exact same as I did about four weeks ago so it was going to be interesting to see my progress in that time.

And to keep it as close as possible to last time I kept to more or less the same route ie: the Antrim Road and the dual carriageway.

I wasn’t really feeling it, it was raining, it was cold and it was dark. I didn’t push myself as hard as I maybe could or should have but, I’m delighted to report, I was 1min 8secs per mile faster across the entire session. That’s showing some real improvement in under a month.

It felt quite comfortable as well. I didn’t do the whole ‘run like you feel like puking’ thing that I might do with the club but I was still faster. I hope/think that’s positive. I’m definitely feeling stronger nowadays.

So what does the rest of the week bring? I think I’ll be in the forest a couple of times, and maybe I’ll take in parkrun on Saturday morning for a change. I have no road races lined up now until Race Over The Glens on New Years’ Day so it’s all systems go training for that.

Finally, if you’re reading my blog for the first time or are a repeat visitor – thank-you – and are planning on attending the National Running Show in the NEC Birmingham in January please have a free ticket on me … I’m an ambassador for the show and, as such, have a supply of complimentary tickets for my running circle. Just click on the link on the side panel (or here) and follow the instructions – it’s as simple as that!

And if you’re really feeling in a good mood I’d love to get your vote in blog section of the 2018 Running Awards. I’ll not win but it’ll do my ego the world of good to get the odd nod of approval here and there.

Relive my run



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