Intervals 01.11.17

So these old intervals sessions mustn’t be that bad considering tonight was my fourth successive week of going to them.

I’ll admit to feeling slightly more nervous about tonight than in previous weeks (apart from the first) because I haven’t been feeling the greatest, and even missed Monday night’s normal club run as a result.

Would my legs have seized up having not run since Saturday morning? Would I throw up halfway through? Lovely stuff, really.

I decided to take it easier tonight just in case, but I felt it was important to go to them because I knew I wouldn’t go running on my own later in the week and, with a race on Sunday, I needed to keep moving.

Tonight was 6×3 minutes with 90 seconds active recovery inbetween – this on top of a 5-minute warm-up run and some dynamic stretches. As usual I was knackered before I even started!

But, happily, it wasn’t too bad. I did find it tougher than previous weeks but that’s likely because I’d pushed myself hard tonight as well as feeling slightly under the weather. I was pleased with my speed given the circumstances.

All in all, it was good to get out, both for the run and the company.

Relive my run

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