Ecos intervals 25.10.17

If it’s Wednesday that must mean intervals training at Ecos!

I thought I’d add a little extra tonight so instead of walking all the way there I decided to run from the top of Suffolk Street into the grounds and then onto the normal starting point.

Except, tonight, the starting point had changed! I knew the parking arrangements had changed but I didn’t pay much attention to that because I wouldn’t be driving. What that meant was that the pre-session warm-up was in a different place even though the actual sessions would be beginning at the same place.

I decided not to join everyone in the warm-up run because I had already done my warm-up getting there in the first place, so I just made my way to the barrier as per normal to prepare for the sessions.

Tonight was 3-3-4-4-3-3 with two minutes active recovery between each split. It seemed a bit daunting and, indeed, I found it tought going at the beginning and even walked for 15-20 seconds during the first four minute run.

However, something kicked in and I actually found the second half easier and more comfortable. I didn’t ease off either, my stats showed that I kept the same pace so it was quite encouraging to maintain my speed throughout.

This was only my third night attending intervals but I’m definitely showing signs of progress.

Next up is a five-mile run on Friday night with my Belfast Marathon relay team, hopefully a more sedate outing than tonight!

Relive my run

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