Intervals again … and hills!

Not content with doing my first intervals session on Wednesday night I decided to go out tonight (Friday) and do it all over again.

But just normal intervals wouldn’t do me, ohhhhh no.

Nope, tonight, I decided to mix them with some hill training. Well, sort of. I live on the Antrim Road which is a long, steady incline without being particularly steep but there are a couple of short, sharp climbs just off it that can be very easily incorporated into a run , so I included these tonight into a sort of loop at the top end of the road.

Following Wednesday night’s schedule, I programmed my Garmin with nine reps of two minutes running and 90 seconds walking/recovery and walked, as usual, to the top of the road.

The first two minutes took me almost exactly to the bottom – perfect. I then walked back up during the recovery portion before having to run up to the top when the next segment kicked in.

Then, at the top, there’s a sharp drop down to the left, so I ran down that … it worked out well because, in total, I went down five times and up four so I got a good workout lasting exactly half-an-hour – a chance for speed but also an opportunity to regularly test myself going back up.

It was tough, but also not impossible and I felt quite strong, even during the eighth or ninth rep. Hopefully a couple of weeks of this will start to have a positive impact on my running.

Relive my run

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