Running to my heart’s content

Yesterday’s 10k took a lot more out of me than I imagined it would so it was with some trepidation that I went to tonight’s club session.

My thighs and my ankles felt dodgy so I decided to see how I felt after the walk up to the Leisure Centre and take it from there, although there was never any question that I wouldn’t go with the 30-minute group.

Because I was intending to take it really easy I decided this would be a good opportunity to try to run at a lower Heart Rate Zone than normal ie: drop to Zone 4 instead of Zone 5.

I hadn’t much of a clue how to do this and I didn’t set my Garmin up to send me alerts so I was really just playing it by ear. As it turned out I didn’t gauge it too badly, which was good.

Tonight’s group was quite big so it was easy to keep to a comfortable pace although I did resist opening up when the opportunity presented itself.

My legs felt ok once I got going but I still held back quite a bit. Towards the end of the session Emma said she’d be carrying on for another 15 minutes for those that wanted to follow her so I broke off with the splinter group to get a wee bit extra in my legs.

We ran up to Tesco’s – a steady incline – before turning to come back down again. Maybe it was benefits of the hills from yesterday but I did loosen up a fair bit going up, feeling quite comfortable although still not really pushing it.

I then ran home to bring my total running time up to 50 minutes or thereabouts. All very relaxed and just what I needed after Sunday.

Relive my run

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