Ready to blow

Not really much to say about today’s run, 10k – well, slightly over – in preparation for next week’s British 10k in London.

As per Thursday night, I experimented with the Jeff Galloway method although I tried to mix it up a little. I decided to up the splits to 90/30 and, instead of starting out with that right from the off, opted to run the first mile relatively hard but without knocking myself out, clocking in at 10:52, before settling into the splits, just to see what would happen.

To be honest, my legs struggled. Not so much with the running of 90 seconds but with the short walking breaks. It wasn’t really enough recovery time. With Thursday’s 60 second runs my legs never really got going so walking again was easier on them, but the extended running spell this time allowed them to get into their stride but no sooner had they done so than they were forced to stop again, only to be going again moments later.

I guess it’s the same effect as turning a light switch on and off again, eventually the bulb will blow.

To be fair, I didn’t pick a particularly easy route either, as can be seen from the profile below.

I can conceivably fit in another three runs before next Sunday (club on Monday, Wednesday and then Friday) so I’ve still got a little while to work on my tactics. Or it might just be a case of just going for it on the day.

Still, it’s more miles in the legs and my biggest week since the marathon so it has been useful in building my stamina back up, even if my confidence and self belief is still extremely fragile.

I can’t end this entry without offering massive congratulations to my friend Dawn.

Unknown to me – in fact, unknown to all but her very closest friends – she had been on a C25K course with a local running club and, yesterday, ‘graduated’ by completing her local parkrun, and in a time that wasn’t too shabby either.

On the face of it, her story isn’t unique but when you consider that less than nine months ago she was immobile after getting an operation to cure a long standing Plantar Fasciitis problem and had to wear a surgical boot (aka Bertie) for a few weeks.

Throw into the mix her chronic asthma (one of my #reasonstorun for London), is attending physio to deal with issues all down her left side AND is currently in training for the Cotswold Way Mighty Hike marathon later this month and suddenly her achievement takes on a whole new light.

She says I was her inspiration for taking up running but I think we can all agree who the real inspiration here is. Well done, I’m proud of you.

Relive my run


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