Running for the sake of it

FullSizeRender 72Sometimes a run serves no other purpose than to be just a run. Not for training, not for distance, not for time … just a run. A run just to keep things ticking over, a run just to get out there and run.

That’s what today was.

A lot of times I go out with a set distance or time on feet in mind as part of a training plan, or, if I’m feeling up for it, an attempt at a PB. I couldn’t be bothered with any of that today.

I just knew I had to run, I needed to run.

Ok, I’ve told a little white lie. I said I didn’t go out to do a set distance. I did, sort of. I’ve said before my default distance to be content with a run is 5k so that’s what I settled upon today. I set off with the intention of doing that then seeing where I was and deciding from there.

In the end today’s 5k felt just right. I’d worked up a sweat, I felt I’d loosened my legs, I’d been able to banish some thoughts and, as they say around these parts, get my head showered.

My route followed the usual pattern. Starting off at the entrance to the estate, up to the roundabout, along the dual carriageway to Pennybridge before turning back again and down Ballee Way and then turning for home.

It wasn’t my quickest ever run but nowhere near my slowest either, my 11th fastest 5k out of the 43 I’ve done fact fans (told you I liked my stats!). It was, however, pleasingly consistent throughout with every kilometre much like the one before and after.

No need to do any more today. I’ll go for longer at the weekend. What that’ll be I’m not sure yet.

I have the option of parkrun in the morning or, straight after, joining in the club 5-mile beginners preparation run for the forthcoming race around the town centre. I could always do both but I’d be concerned about giving too much to parkrun and then not being able to keep up with everyone doing the five miles which sets off about a quarter-of-an-hour later … maybe, because it’ll be my birthday, they’ll go easy on me!

Failing that there’s always the traditional long run on Sunday. I guess I’ll just see how I feel when I wake up. No matter what happens I’ve already done more this month than I did during the entirety of May last year – that’s decent progress.

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