Long (Slow) Sunday Run


It was a wee bit wet this morning

fullsizerender-9London Marathon Training
Week 2, Day 2

Because of the snow and, more importantly, ice we’ve experienced this week it has been extremely challenging finding the opportunity to get out for a run. On top of that I’ve been feeling weak again, having trouble shaking off this cold that just won’t shift.

I managed one run on Wednesday before the weather turned, but it wasn’t safe to chance it for the rest of the week, parkrun was cancelled as was the club training run afterwards.

Thankfully the overnight rain and mild temperatures made it possible to get out this morning so I decided to make the most of the opportunity, even if it was extremely wet and soggy. Let’s face it, I’ll get wet but I won’t melt.

Soggy trainers!

According to my plan, today was scheduled to be a 10k. I decided just to go for it anyway despite missing two runs this week. Probably not ideal preparation but it’s nothing I haven’t tackled a fair few times before.

However, mindful of the fact I hadn’t run since Wednesday, I decided to go extremely cautiously. Today wasn’t about speed, it was all about getting the miles in my legs. I am training for an endurance event, after all.

From that point of view the run was quite successful. At the halfway point I was three minutes down on my normal 5k pace. Normally that would seriously piss me off but it didn’t today. Yes, I wasn’t over the moon about it but I was pleased to be keeping a consistent pace, something I maintained for the entirety of the run.

Because I hadn’t run much over the past week I’ll admit to the latter stages of the run being difficult. It’s one thing having fresh legs but you also need to have them conditioned to doing a particular distance and I perhaps paid for my lack of running this week.

That said, despite not being totally happy with my time, I did finish a full three minutes faster than my last stand alone 10k and set a new record for my Garmin. I suppose that isn’t bad after a week of relative non activity.

The battle with my weight is going the right way, too. Since starting my formal training a couple of weeks ago I’m now down 3.2lbs. Slow and steady progress, the way it should be.

London Marathon Training (21.5 miles – 6 runs)
Week 1 – 12.2 miles (4 runs; average 3.05 miles per run)
Week 2 – 9.3 miles (2 runs; average 4.65 miles per run)

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