6am club … again

fullsizerender-8London Marathon Training
Week 2, Day 1

So onto week two of my marathon training. This should have been my second run of the week but I cried off on Monday’s scheduled outing, not because I didn’t want to but because I was just so exhausted.

I had barely slept on Sunday night and then had to attend a work meeting in Belfast on Monday morning with the result that by the time I got back home I wasn’t capable of anything else other than sleep.

I did wake up on time to get ready and head to the club for the Monday night session but I felt so weak that there was realistically no way I would have been capable. I had hoped to reschedule for Tuesday but I didn’t really feel any better.

img_5024So …… Wednesday, I wasn’t really wanting to miss another day. The weather forecast wasn’t great for the rest of the day so I decided to get up and get out as early as I could, even if it was blowing a gale, at least it wasn’t rain or snow.

The wind did make it difficult at times, especially with my breathing but that’s to be expected I supposed. Maybe it’s time to invest in a buff or scarf or whatever you call them.

As I said, the wind did present problems. One moment I was getting blown along, the next it felt I was running headlong into a wind tunnel. That made it challenging on my legs, not really able to get into a proper rhythm. In all honesty, by the end, I was knackered, I was exhausted and I was wheezing.

That said, pace wise I did ok. Not fantastic but not awful either, just a satisfying workout. And at least it’s over and done with for the day. That feels good. My second 6am run in a row, this could be getting addictive!

London Marathon Training (15.2 miles – 5 runs)
Week 1 – 12.2 miles (4 runs)
Week 2 – 3 miles (1 run)

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