Ho, ho, ho …..

img_4906Given that it’s Christmas and all the hustle and bustle that goes along with it I’ve been finding it difficult to find the time to get out for a run.

That and the fact I’ve been struggling with a bad dose of manflu which has sapped my energy and affected my breathing.

But, I’ve still managed to get out on a couple of occasions, sort of.

First up, on Thursday night, was the Ballymena Runners Santa Run around the town centre. Admittedly, it was more a walk-run totalling 1.86 miles, moving from one location to another, singing carols and so on following by a decent feed.

It was a fun night out and was nice to get to know some more members of the club – and came with a medal, always a bonus!

fullsizerender-5Then, on Christmas Day itself, I persuaded my daughter to go on a pre-dinner run. She also accompanied me on Thursday night and wanted to get out for another little run at some point before she headed back to university.

So went out for what turned out to be 25 minutes, with me donning my Santa hat! It was enjoyable enough in the slight mizzle and largely deserted streets, apart from seeing one other runner.

I made sure to take it easy and go at Michelle’s pace, walking when she wanted and running when she felt able.

Suffering from the aforementioned lurgy I must admit I found my breathing a bit of a challenge to regulate. It’s normally not an issue but I’ve been feeling a bit rubbish lately so it’s no surprise, it was good to keep my legs ticking over though.

img_4955As for the rest of the week, I’ll play it by ear. My marathon training begins in earnest in the first week in January so it’s important I get off to a healthy, positive start so the next few days might follow the same patten as the last few, easy does it and try to stay semi-active.

Oh, and I got a medal hanger for Christmas (thanks Dawn). My medals are now on display for all to see and to inspire me!

I was always going to buy one but thought it’d see if someone would get me one first, that means a lot more and somehow makes it extra special.

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