Gandalf the Rooster

IMG_20181112_172136__01After a hectic year of running and racing I think that you’d agree I needed a holiday so my wife booked a week for both of us in the southern Spain resort of Benalmadena.

We arrived on Saturday night but circumstances yesterday (Sunday) dictated that I didn’t get out for a short run, therefore breaking my planned run streak for the month. Ah well, maybe some other time.

However, old habits die hard, so at around club time this evening I thought I’d go out for a little run around the area where we’re staying.

It’s handy we’re right beside a large park and only 200 yards or so from the beach so I had plenty of scenery to explore.

Starting off in the park, I quickly knew this wasn’t go to be a serious run. The park contains many varieties of wildlife literally just roaming around eg: peacocks, hares, roosters, chickens, swans and even a donkey or two – and that’s just what I spotted. It’s great to see, but it also meant I was stopping every so often to take pictures.

That was ok. I’m on holiday, this was only really a ‘keep moving’ type run and I was only planning on doing a couple of times.

The park is quite undulating so I told myself that if I at least ran the inclines then I’d get a bit of a workout.

So that’s what I did. I faffed around on the flats but ran up the hills. Well, almost.

As I approached the top of one hill a rather menacing looking rooster marched out from the shrubbery, looked at me and just stopped there in a Gandalf-esque ‘you shall not pass’ manner. I wasn’t for arguing so I turned and went the other way. I’m no hero!

After the park I ran down the hill to the beach. I haven’t really run much on sand before, but I can tell you it’s not easy. My right leg was going in one direction, my left leg in the other! But it was fun, although the patrons sitting looking out at me from the beach cafe probably enjoyed the spectacle more than I enjoyed the experience!

You’ll note I said I ran down the hill … well, I want to point out I also ran back up it again to the hotel. It actually was quite steep (think Princes’ Street at home) but I was quite pleased I managed to do it, and felt quite comfortable with it as well.

Whether or not I run for the rest of the week is debatable. I’m on holiday, my planned run streak has fallen by the wayside and I’ve ticked off another location on my run map. I always like to go for a run when I’m somewhere new, I’ve done that so maybe now I can relax for the rest of the week.

Relive my run

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