No biscuits tossed

Since returning from Glasgow I’ve been struck down by the dreaded lurgy. I didn’t go to club on Monday because of it, nor a training run planned for Wednesday.

I had hoped to return at the Kells C25K session on Thursday evening but that didn’t happen so I wanted to make sure that tonight (Friday) I went out to get me back into the swing of things before the weekend.

Because I had planned to follow the Kells session I decided that would do me for tonight, therefore a three minute run, walk followed by an eight minute run repeated twice. Nothing too taxing, nothing I couldn’t easily do but enough to test out my health and fitness levels.

Very often for these little comeback runs I resort to the dual carriageway/industrial estate route and tonight was no different. It’s boring and uninspiring but largely flat so ideal for recovery runs.

I wasn’t sure how I’d get on. Would my legs seize up, would my breathing be difficult, would I be as weak as I’ve felt during the week?

Thankfully I came through it with flying colours.

I felt very fresh after the initial rusty start … my breathing was grand, the slight niggle in my left leg soon disappeared after a couple of minutes and, even with the enforced walking breaks as per C25K, my average speed per mile was very pleasing so I can chalk this run off as a success.

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