The day after the night before

As recovery run go this was as gentle as it’s ever going to get.

You’ll have read about my pb in Lisburn on Wednesday, and with the next race in my schedule as soon as this Sunday, it was important to get a recovery run fitted in today so that I’ll have a couple of full days rest.

My plan suggested an easy 5k and because my legs were still a bit delicate after my exploits yesterday I certainly was not going to do anything more than that!

So what do I do in situations such as this? That’s right, the age old dual carriageway/industrial estate route for 2.5km before turning to come back the way I came. Steady, reliable, relatively flat … just what I needed.

I felt yesterday’s efforts in my legs when I started so had no difficulty at all in slowing it right down. This was all about recovery, no massive effort tonight.

That said, I did negative split the entire run which was good although, to be fair, I would have had a bit of difficulty going any slower!

It was good to gradually loosen up again and whilst I haven’t fully shaken Lisburn out of my legs they do feel a lot better than they did at the start.

But nothing, now, until Swansea on Sunday!

Relive my run


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