Feeling the burn (again)

After my ankle issues yesterday I decided to take a little run up to tonight’s club session to see how they felt.

I deliberately took it easy, stopping and waiting to cross roads etc. rather than my usual of running until there was no traffic before darting over to the other side. I wanted to ease my ankles back into it but, no, they still hurt, I still felt the burn.

To be honest, I wasn’t hopeful that tonight’s club run wasn’t going to be anything short of a disaster so there was only going to be one option for me – the 30s. As much as I would have wanted to do the 45s or 60s I needed to be sensible about this.

There were a few experienced runners in the 30s. As is often the case, they’re either recovering from injury or getting a gentle session in before a race so I didn’t feel just quite as bad about it as I might have done.

I know a run is a run and it’s my run, regardless of time or distance, but sometimes I feel I shouldn’t be in the 30s. Truth be told, I do quite enjoy it. It’s like a comfort blanket, I can wrap myself up in it when I’m either not feeling like running or, as with the case tonight, I have concerns about something.

When the session started my ankles did burn, and I felt clompy running again. I did begin to wonder if I was wise carrying on but, given my experience yesterday, I thought I’d continue to see if they settled again.

And they did and at around the same time as Sunday as well so I guess I can rule pace out as a reason given that tonight was, by its very nature, more sedate than yesterday’s race. Does that mean it’s a heat thing? Do I need new trainers? Is it just a phase that’ll pass?

It’s not an injury or, at least, it doesn’t feel like one. Not that I’m in anyway qualified to diagnose but I do listen to my body, and this doesn’t strike me as an injury – just an annoyance.

As usual, after the club session had finished, I ran back home and my ankles felt perfectly fine … so I’ll end on that positive note.

Relive my run

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