Combatting my fears

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy my club run tonight.

My knees and calves are starting to feel the strain of four weeks of intense exercise, and I pulled out of going to the Monday morning Saints and Slimmers ‘wake-up’ class because a lot of it would have involved being on my knees and I wasn’t really sure how much more they’d take.

So, with some trepidation I started to walk – perhaps waddle might have been a more apt description (!) – to club and, thankfully, things began to loosen up. I was only ever going to do the 30-minute session tonight because I remembered late this afternoon I had a class to attend straight afterwards … Body Combat as it turned out.

Anyway, as I said, it was jusr 30 minutes tonight. Almost immediately my legs felt good, all the earlier stiffness just evaporated and I settled in to enjoy a comfortable run.

We were told in advance we’d be running up Princes Street so I knew to save myself for it. The last time we went that route I didn’t exert myself up the hill, just taking it really easy, but tonight I felt so good that I knew I couldn’t resist attacking it – which I did.

But it felt different tonight. Normally I just go hell for leather up it, and stuff the consequences … but, tonight, I was more measured and composed, starting slowly and building momentum whilst at the same time saving my energy for the little kick at the top.

The rest of the run was well within my comfort zone. I wasn’t interested in going faster, I was just enjoying myself and, perhaps, relieved that I was able to do it in the first place.

Afterwards, instead of joining the rest of the group for the cool down, I ran the ten minutes or so it took to get to my Body Combat class only this time I had my kitbag on my back which made things more awkward.

Having said that, running with the bag has clearly helped me because I feel much freer without the extra weight and that has translated into an improvement in my recent runs. I don’t like it, but it appears to be a necessary evil.

In total I did 5.4km tonight. Not a massive amount but plenty considering I went straight from my run to an hour-long class!

Relive my run

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