Well, well, well …

Sometimes I surprise myself. Tonight was my recovery run from yesterday’s Belfast City Half Marathon, and so was always going to be the club 30-minute session.

My legs beforehand had felt quite heavy and even though they loosened up a bit on the walk to the Leisure Centre I still wasn’t quite sure how much I could actually run tonight.

But I needn’t have worried. In fact, I’m a wee bit taken aback by how well I coped.

I was reassured by the large number in tonight’s group, that meant I had somewhere to hide should I wanted to and it was fully my intention to do just that – hide.

However, right from the off, the heaviness in my legs lifted and I felt very strong. I still kept it slow and steady, particularly at the start, but the more the run went on the more I settled into it, taking the opportunity to loosen my legs when I could or when offered the chance. Even with the short, sharp climbs I elected to attack them head on with a bit of speed rather than take them easily.

I don’t mean to come across as showing off or pompous – heaven forbid I’d ever have anything to show off about – but I’m just mightily relieved that it went so well tonight.

As usual, after the club session had finished I ran the rest of the way home, deciding tonight on just rounding it up to 5k – and that felt comfortable too. It appears that despite my struggles yesterday I’ve actually benefitted from it.

Relive my run

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