Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Fun Run

A couple of hours after finishing the 10k it was time for the final event of the weekend, the Fun Run.

Going into this it was quite unclear exactly what the distance was. One document said it was 4k, another claimed it to be 1.5 miles while the guy doing the announcing at the start line initially said it was only a mile before changing his mind on at least two more occasions. It was moderately amusing, although a bit frustrating too, especially for Dawn for whom this was her second run of the weekend. She wasn’t sure what to prepare herself for.

In the end it turned out to be 1.42 miles, basically starting beside the RnR ‘village’ and ending at the 5k/Half Marathon finish.

I was actually more worried about coping with this than I was about the 10k, simply because it had been two hours since I finished and was concerned about my legs seizing up. I tried to keep moving and went on the occasional short jog which did do a job in keeping the worst of it away.

Dawn had her concerns, too. Again, a lot of it focused on her breathing but, as with the 5k, there was also her calf/Achilles issues to think about it. Also, could she do it again?

She did! We both did!

Even though we knew it’d be a shorter distance we set off at considerably faster pace than the 5k despite the uncertainty over exactly how long it would be.

And as with the 5k, I was guided by whatever pace Dawn wanted to go at which turned out to be over a minute per mile faster than yesterday.

It was great to see her have the confidence to do that and even though the route was flat part of me wished for a hill of sorts just to see how she’d get on, although I’m not sure she’d agree!

I know she was pushing herself and did struggle at times but it was still really heartening to see her once again not give up, walk or let her difficulties beat her. That’s really inspiring and taught me something.

Anyway, after the Fun Run finish, it was time to collect our bags and our Remix medal for completing at least two events over the two days – a brute of a thing in the shape of a guitar complete with spinning plectrum in the middle. Rock ‘n’ roll!

It was an absolutely fantastic couple of days running. The company wasn’t bad either, thanks Dawn. You were amazing and should be really proud of yourself for what you achieved.

Oh, and we bumped into Spanish man, Liverpool RnR chap and Brummie couple again! By the end of it all I wasn’t quite sure who was stalking who!!

Relive my run


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