After a few days off with the dreaded lurgy it was back to running tonight. I hadn’t gone out since the Fairhill 5 on Wednesday.

I still don’t know how I managed to get around on the night given how I was feeling so to record the time I did is looking even better with hindsight.

My health didn’t really improve in the days that followed, and it was only yesterday that I started to feel in any way human again.

As I said, it was back to running tonight so off to the club I set, accompanied this time by my daughter Michelle who is over visiting for a few days.

Because she is a very inexperienced runner I knew it’d be sensible to go with the 30-minute group this evening. I’m on the verge of stepping up to the 60s but for tonight I was only too happy to go with the 30s.

It was great to have her with me, and for her to see what I get up to every Monday night, and to meet some of the people I do it with! She’s interested in taking up running as a hobby so it was hugely beneficial for her to experience a typical club night.

Route wise, we went back down to my local stomping ground and training routes. It always amuses me when we run back the way I came just a few minutes earlier but that’s just the luck of the draw really.

It was a bit of a testing run, and included a jaunt up the Toome Road and back down again, complete with shuttle sprints thrown in just for laughs. We didn’t participate in those because whilst Michelle has the speed she doesn’t yet have the stamina for continuous running and I wasn’t going to inflict any unneccessary punishment on her! She did well though.

How did I get on? Because of the stop-start nature I couldn’t really get into my stride, so my calves felt a little tight, never really getting the chance to loosen up. That could also have been down to my almost total inactivity since Wednesday, but it was good to get back out again.

Relive my run


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