fullsizerender-9London Marathon Training
Week 6, Day 2

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Things have been going too well recently, my running has been enjoyable and I’ve felt that each run has brought a little progress.

But not tonight.

It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t what I would have wanted. I try not to abandon a run early but I’m also of the belief that if it isn’t going for me then there’s no point in flogging a dead horse, it’ll only annoy me, I’ll dwell on it too much and it could easily put me off going on my next run. Just put it out of it’s misery, move on and go again next time.

So that’s what I did. I possibly have matured as a runner because I’m not beating myself up over it as much as I would have done previously.

My plan called for four miles, I struggled to complete two. My head, heart and legs just weren’t in it.

I’ve had a few great runs lately, each of the last three very different so perhaps the mundane banality of returning to running on my own around the same old, boring route didn’t inspire me.

I’m also exhausted. If not physically, then mentally. I didn’t have the strength to battle with my demons tonight, but that happens sometimes too. Gosh, I’m very philosophical about this!

And my legs haven’t helped either. There’s been a return of the fluid in them over the past few days. I’ve been lucky with my Lymphoedema lately and may have possibly become somewhat complacent, not wearing my medically prescribed ‘gentleman’s compression garments’ (tights to you and me!) as much as I should. I’ll take this a reminder not to take my eye off the ball.

As for the route tonight, I started at the top of the Antrim Road, ran to the bottom to tackle the Toome Road, once I got to the top of that I ran back down again and momentarily turned towards the town to have a go at Princes Street but I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t go well so, as I said at the outset, there was no point doing something that’d only piss me off.

I’ve got longer runs later this week, I’ll put this behind me and prepare for them. Onwards and upwards.

London Marathon Training (78.2 miles – 20 runs)
Week 1 – 12.2 miles (4 runs; average 3.05 miles per run)
Week 2 – 9.3 miles (2 runs; average 4.65 miles per run)
Week 3 – 17.7 miles (4 runs; average 4.4 miles per run)
Week 4 – 18.8 miles (4 runs; average 4.7 miles per run)
Week 5 – 14.9 miles (4 runs; average 3.7 miles per run)
Week 6 – 5.6 miles (2 runs; average 2.8 miles per run)

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