Pain in the …..

fullsizerender-4London Marathon Training
Week 1, Day 3

Sometimes things just irritate you, just little things, niggly wee upstart annoyances that really should know their place.

Unfortunately I’m one of those people that let such things get under my skin. Well, not always, but tonight they did. Perhaps the signs were already there. I had a particularly frustrating episode with work late this afternoon and had thought that going out for a run would help me get it out my system.

fullsizerender-5Usually it would but, because of irritations during the run, I didn’t really feel the benefit and I ended up losing the psychological battle I always have when I’m out running.

So what went wrong? Initially, nothing. Everything was going absolutely fine and for the first 20 minutes or so I was perfectly happy.

Then, the poxy zip on the poxy running belt I was wearing worked itself loose and I nearly went on my hoop tripping over the blasted thing as it plummeted to my feet, yanking my earphones out of my ears at the same time. My phone was in the belt, my earphones were plugged in ….. you get the idea.

It took me a couple of minutes to sort things out, and by that stage I had lost momentum and concentration.

With still a bit to do (tonight’s plan called for 40 minutes) I ploughed on. My pace was good and I was fairly optimistic that I’d set a new best time on my watch over 5k.

However, not long after starting to run again, I began to regret not paying a visit to the Little Boys Room before leaving the house. I’ll not go into details but it felt like my bowels were wanting to pay tribute to Paula Radcliffe – ok, maybe not *that* bad but it was a concern.

However, I still wasn’t go to let it beat me. On I went until, inexplicably, my Garmin – for reasons best known to itself – decided to save the run after 29 minutes 40 seconds. What?! No!!!!! This wasn’t fair. I was on course for new watch record.

That was the final straw. I stopped. Frustrated. Angry. Bewildered.

I calmed down after a few seconds so, knowing I had to make it to 40 minutes, started a new run intending to do the last few minutes to make the time up. Nope. I got pissed off as 80 seconds, stopped, deleted the ‘run’ from my watch and started walking home.

But I can be a stubborn bugger at times and tonight that stubbornness kicked in, so I started again and ran on until I’d got to the 40 minute mark or as near as I could work it out in my head.

So tonight was just a combination of niggles but I kept true to my training plan rather stray from the straight and narrow in the first week. Onwards and upwards.

London Marathon Training
Week 1 – 7.2 miles (3 runs)

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