Ballymena Runners 4.2

fullsizerender-12Whisper it … but I might actually being getting used to this running lark.

Today was the second run of Ballymena Runners week four and, as with Tuesday night, it was a 3-8-3-8 split with a two minute walk break between each section.

I always get quite worried doing these runs on my own in case I walk before I need to which would then instigate a huge sense of failure. It hasn’t happened to me yet and it didn’t happen today.

In actual fact, it went quite well today. Granted, I did go quite slowly at the start but did start to speed up as the run went on and, perhaps as a result, didn’t feel the burn in my legs that I usually do.

The run was interrupted just before the last eight minute segment when I bumped into an old friend. We stood chatting for a while (I remembered to stop my watch!) and, amongst other things, discussed fundraising activites that he’ll be able to help with so it was quite a productive chat.

I still had an eight minute run to do which I completed with relative ease. Fair enough, I did have a few minutes break in my legs before I started it but even if I hadn’t stopped my legs felt quite good so I would have managed it anyway.

Run three is three eight minute splits with two minutes inbetween. I’ll just do that at home rather than even thinking of parkrun.

After a few enquiries, it seems that the people doing their third run at parkrun do that and only that, whereas I’d want to carry on and do the full three miles – and doing it with them and then breaking off to join the main group will badly skew my time.

401trans-copyAnyway, with another 2.1 miles done today I’m now up to 14.9 miles in the 401 Challenge Virtual Marathon, leaving me with 11.3 to go:-

Saturday 8th October – 3.3 miles
Sunday 9th October – 8 miles

401 Challenge update – 14.9 miles done, 11.3 miles left

Sunday 2nd October – 7 miles
Tuesday 4th October – 2.1 miles
Wednesday 5th October – 3.7 miles
Friday 7th October – 2.1 miles

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