Ballymena Runners 1.2

img_3937So being a good boy I decided to do my Ballymena Runners homework this morning – and just that, nothing more.

I know I should be going out for longer but I’m planning two runs this weekend so today was all about just keeping my legs ticking over.

I’ll be out this evening as well, walking quite a bit, so no point overdoing it.

I knew it was only going to be a short session so I decided to go for speed, to try to run as fast as I could during each of the running segments and to generally just push myself hard.

It seemed to work, I slashed another 12 seconds off my fastest opening kilometre this year, now down to 6:47.

Obviously I can’t sustain that at the minute but I’m guessing it’s a sign I’m getting stronger. Hopefully I’ll feel the benefit as my longer runs increase, that’s what all the advice says anyway.

All in all, a reasonable enough little run. Pushed myself, got a decent speed (for me!), worked up quite a sweat and loosened my legs up.

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