Feeling normal

IMG_3532After a few hours on-off sleep during the afternoon/early evening during which my face began to feel slightly more normal (looks, now that’s another thing!) I decided to go out for a run after all.

I had planned on 5 miles this morning but, this evening, decided to just do 5km instead, just in case.

I moved onto the next phase of C25K and set my watch for 1.5/2 minute run/walk splits. I started off really well, feeling good and recording a time of 7m 50secs for the first km – my fastest for a wee while – and then 8m 0secs for the second, followed by 8m 16secs ….. in fact, all 5 splits ended up being 8-minute something which was pleasing.

Nowhere near my fastest, obviously, but things are going in the right direction again and I’ve got a positive feeling about my running back, reminiscent of how I felt this time last year – only with the advantage of a reasonable amount of experience and knowledge behind me.

I also wore my skin tight under garment below my running shirt for the first time in ages and I felt it made a slight difference. Marginal gains and all that.

Tonight’s run meant I’ve done 10.7 miles this week, my most since the marathon exactly three months ago which I’m sure is significant in some way. Onwards and upwards.

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